Free Access to Online Books

There are many ways to access books online while the libraries are closed. Here are some links:

  1. Overdrive App: This is the app that allows you to take out ebooks and audio books from many public libraries, including the Toronto library. You must already have an active library card.
  2. Raz-kids: This website has levelled books so children can continue to improve their reading level.
  3. TDSB Virtual Library including Bookflix: This page has many resources, including Bookflix – Netflix for books! Be sure to follow the directions on the page for using the login and passwords.
  4. Epic : Epic is similar to Bookflix and is free if your child’s teacher has a classroom account – which many do and which many can do if you ask them. For TDSB, email your child’s teacher at
  5. TDSB Learning Resources including Capstone: Not only books but also resources for other subjects.
  6. Pearson Audible Books: Kids can listen to audio books for free!


  1. Meaghan

    Is there a free account TDSB has with raz kids?

    • Amanda Yuill

      At the time this was written, Raz-Kids was offering their services free of charge due to the Pandemic.


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