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Classroom Management for Substitute Teachers

How to make a penny disappear – with example!

How to play hangman – with example!

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The Bear Fact

I tell a gross fact about bears every time I go to a new class. Often, when I go back, students say, "Ms. Yuill, tell the bear one!". So, here it is (Disclaimer - this may not be 100% factual,...

Student Behaviour More Difficult This Year

Is student behaviour more challenging this year than other years (2022-2023)? Yes! This is not based on research, but on observation. Many teachers are reporting the same thing. It seems that many...

The Importance of Resting over March Break

There is a reason we have March Break - to rest. Whether we are travelling or staying home over March Break, it is important to plan and schedule rest and things that rejuvenate us. Here are some...