Yes, September is Always Crazy!

DON’T PANIC! Maybe I should say that a bit calmer – don’t panic! September is always like this. The class list keeps changing, you don’t have a stapler or hole puncher and have to borrow from the teacher next door (who’s room seems perfect, btw). You take the students to gym and the gym teacher isn’t there because she’s double booked for that period. The secretary says your order of supplies was delivered but you haven’t seen it and the teacher next door is using florescent green chalk, like the chalk you ordered. (No wonder she is so open to lending you her stapler – it’s yours!!) You won’t get it all figured out on the first day, or the first week. It takes the first month, and sometimes a couple of weeks into the second month. Meditate, eat chocolate, talk to your BFF – whatever you need to stay calm. It will all work out – more or less. Usually. You hope. In all seriousness – it will be ok. Just remember that I said, “Yes, September is crazy – but it’s not forever – thankfully!”


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