Who to Forgive

There are 3 groups of people to forgive – others, yourself and God (or the universe ). It is important to forgive all three groups to gain complete freedom.

  1. Forgiving others – this is what most people think of when we talk about forgiveness.
  2. Forgiving yourself – people often forget to do this and it is an important part of living an emotionally free life. This is often the most difficult thing to do as well. It helps to remember that none of us are perfect.
  3. Forgiving God (the universe etc.) – people often don’t think of this however they are often really mad at God for allowing bad things to happen. It is important to release God from our judgment for the same reason it is important to forgive others – it leads to our own freedom.

When I forgive, it helps me to pretend the person is there and to say to them, “I forgive you for ________. You owe me nothing, not even an apology.”


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