When You’re Sure You’re a Terrible Teacher

Some days I’m sure I’m a terrible teacher. I yelled at the students. I held onto a kindergarten student, trying to prevent them from running away into the brush on the side of the property. (Thank goodness for the grade 7 student who told the kindergarten student there were snakes in the brush that stopped the escape!) I said less than charitable things about another teacher or student or family in the school (even though they may have been true!)

We are none of us, perfect. I need to remember that I am doing my best and I will have horrible days. There is always someone who is doing a better job of teaching than me. (There are also always those who are doing worse – you can see them on YouTube!) There are days I will need to apologize. There are times I will need to get help. There are books to read and courses to take and times to reflect so that I can continue to improve in my profession.

There are always students that I am reaching that nobody else is reaching. I am making a difference. One those bad days, I need to talk with a trusted friend who can help me with having a broader perspective and who can help me with what to do tomorrow. I can also pull out a couple of the pictures or bracelets students have made me – the cards and letters I have accumulated over the years. I am a better teacher now than I used to be. I will be a better teacher tomorrow than I am today. This is how I strive to think on the days I’m sure I’m a terrible teacher.


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