What to do When Students Poo/Pee their Pants on Purpose

What? Why would they do it on purpose? Well, there are lots of reasons … so let’s start with it’s a way of communicating.

Sometimes, students are upset at something and this is the only way they feel they can communicate it – in urine. Sometimes students are scared of the school bathroom. It’s helpful to find out why the students are doing it – and that will probably take some detective work on your part. Students know that they are not supposed to do it and so are less likely to talk about it when they think they will be in trouble.

  1. Talk with the student and see if you can find out why they are continually going to the bathroom in their clothes.
  2. Have the student go to the bathroom at set times (even once an hour). Provide a friend to go with them or allow them to use the single stall bathroom (where they are in the bathroom alone).
  3. Talk with the student and the parents together to come up with a solution that seems good to everyone.
  4. Once there is a plan in place, enforce consequences if the student is not following it. It may require some adjustments to the plan to get one that works.
  5. Don’t shame the student and don’t allow other students to shame them. This will not ensure compliance and will probably only make it worse – which you don’t want.
  6. Get help from the school psychologist/counsellor if you cannot find a plan that will work.


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