What to do when Students give Attitude

Don’t shoot them with a banana!!

1. Ignore it. If it’s not a big deal – if they’re leaving soon, or if it’s the last day in June, ignoring it is the most stress free way to handle attitude.

2. My faovurite way! I have a couple of things I always say and the best one is “Don’t you know you’re not supposed to (fill in the blank) when the teacher is looking? You’re supposed to wait until I’m not looking! You’re in grade (fill in the blank) – aren’t you supposed to know this by now?”

3. Use your authority. This works best in primary grades. Use your stern voice, your stern face and tell them to sit down or do their work or stop hitting the other student with a banana peel. Raise your eyebrows and give the teacher look. Practice in the mirror if needed.

4. The carrot or the stick. (Not literally – most students won’t do anything for a carrot …) Offer free time, a sticker or some other incentive. Or, offer to take away free time, move them from friends – or worse, take away their phone!!

5. When all else fails and before the class degrades into complete anarchy, call the office for help. Sometimes students need a bit of a break and some help from the office to sit quietly and do their work.



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