What to do if Multiple Students Throw Up

And you thought that one student throwing up was the worst that could happen? Sometimes the stomach bug hits your class all at once. Here’s what to do if this happens in your class (although I’m sure it never will, she says convincingly).

  1. If possible, direct students to the sink, garbage can or bathroom if there is any warning.
  2. Again, if possible, try to get the students clothing, bag etc. out of the way of as many students as possible. If you feel you may be sick yourself, skip this step. The students need you to be ok. If you are sick too – no worries, this is not insurmountable.
  3. When the students are done being sick, give them tissue or paper towel to clean their hands and clothes and send them to the sink or bathroom to clean up as much as possible. Some students may be too upset to do this right away and may need the help of an Educational Assistant or really anyone that can help. Give them a bag for anything they are not wearing that got sick on it e.g. their pencil case or hat, so their parents can clean it (if they want, or throw it out if they want).
  4. Keep the other students away from any mess on the floor, putting chairs or something around it to remind students to stay away.
  5. Call the office and have them send the caretaker to your room for clean up and also to let them know what happened and that you are sending the sick children to the office (the office will prepare by getting out garbage cans and putting them near the chairs, and will call the caregivers).
  6. Send the sick children to the office with their coats and back packs. You may need to have others help them carry their things if they are too sick or have not been able to clean up well. If the children are too young, ask the office to send someone to walk them to the office.
  7. You will probably want to move your class in to the library or a spare room while your classroom airs out – be sure to open the windows before you leave.
  8. It is recommended that you use quite a lot of disinfectant spray on your classroom, soap and hand sanitizer for your hands and take vitamin C and echinacea to prevent from becoming sick yourself and to prevent the spread of the illness as much as possible.
  9. Be sure to remind your class not to tease nor to be mean to those who were sick – it is not fun to have people laugh at you when you are sick. However, do be prepared for the teachers to give you a ribbing in the staff room about having multiple students sick at once!


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