Vaccines and Not Judging

I have decided to get vaccinated. I do not want to be judged for that decision. Therefore, I have decided not to judge others for their decision not to get vaccinated. I teach an online class this year and some of my students have shared that their parents have decided that their family will not be vaccinated. If I judge those students and their parents, it can make it more difficult for me to do my job – teach the students to the best of my ability.

It is difficult in the current situation not to judge because these decisions can literally be life or death. What other people do or don’t do can affect my health and the health of those who I love. Still, I cannot change other people’s behaviour and so I have to figure out how to live the best I can and teach the best I can in the current circumstances.

I have not walked a mile in those families’ shoes. Perhaps they have underlying health conditions. Perhaps they have come from a background where the government lied and abused them. They do not know my reasons either. I have decided that the risk of giving COVID to a student and seeing them die is unacceptable and the risk of potential unknown side effects of the vaccine is acceptable. Even if people don’t understand this or disagree, I want them to treat me well. Therefore, I will treat all of my students well and continue to teach them as best I can, without judging them or their families.


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