Tips for a Successful Interview

  1. Get there on time. This goes without saying although sometimes being late just can’t be helped – in which case, be sure to call. However, it is really difficult to overcome the bad first impression that comes with being late, even if it wasn’t your fault.
  2. Dress well. Although it is becoming more acceptable to wear casual clothes as a teacher, it is still a really good idea to dress up for an interview. Wear a blazer, wear a tie, wear a button down shirt.
  3. Be positive and happy. Fake it if you have to.
  4. Remember the interviewer’s names. It’s ok to write them down. Address them by name. This makes a great impression.
  5. Keep your answers to under 5 minutes for each question.
  6. Don’t take over the interview – this includes giving very long answers or just telling them what you want them to know instead of answering their questions.
  7. It’s ok to include what you want them to know in the answers to their questions – just keep it under 5 minutes.
  8. Give examples from your own experience – in the classroom and out of the classroom. This is where to show them items from your portfolio if you have one. (It’s not necessary to have a portfolio – I don’t, although it is a good idea.)
  9. Include something funny or make a joke, if possible.
  10. If you can’t answer a question, ask them to reword it or to give you an example. If you still don’t know – just give your best guess – it’s probably in the right direction, and if you are having trouble, others will also have trouble with that question.

Sometimes, principals know who they are going to hire already, so they may have specific questions geared to that person so they will do well. It’s still good practice to go to these interviews. One day, you will be the best choice!


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  1. Cathy

    Great advice for everyone, not just teachers!!


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