More Tips for New Substitute Teachers

1. Take the initiative – volunteer at schools, talk to the principals and vice-principals, get to know the teachers at lunch – nothing ventured, nothing gained. I mean, don’t be overbearing or annoying, but be friendly.

2. Be patient – it takes a while to get to know the schools and the staff and it takes a while to figure out your own style of teaching. Give yourself some time.

3. Embrace flexibility – in order to be successful in substitute teaching you have to be flexible – the sooner you are at peace with it, the better. They may ask you to take a different class than you had agreed to – the more flexible you are, the better for the principal, the better for you in the future. Flexibility also allows you to take a job at a school you prefer one day over another school (The one where the student light his text book on fire).


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