Tips for Your First Day Ever Substitute Teaching

1. Don’t tell the students!! They will eat you alive! They don’t know – they won’t guess – they’ve had way, way worse Substitute Teachers than you – even with no experience! Just put on your confident face and do your best! It will be ok!

2. You don’t have to tell the school but you can if you want to. Again, nobody will guess it’s your first day, so you don’t have to tell anyone. You can if you want to and if you tell the office staff or principal/vice principal, they may give you an easy class for the day – which is preferable. They will probably also offer more help and check in on you – which is always good!

3. Go early. Having time to look over the day plans and find the staff bathroom makes things better.

4. Be prepared. Take a whistle and comfortable shoes. You may need them for a gym class or yard duty. Prepare a game for the students to play. Be ready for the school to ask you to switch assignments.   If you are prepared all these things help lessen the stress.

5. Be confident and have fun. Or at least pretend. To even make it this far means you’re doing well! It’s easy to second guess yourself but leave that for another day. Today do your best and have fun!


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