Tips for buying a Voice Amplifier for Teaching

This year I am using a voice amplifier to teach. (A voice amplifier is a headset with a mic and a speaker to make your voice louder.) I highly recommend it. Students cannot see my lips moving and my voice is a bit muffled due to wearing a mask, therefore the voice amplifier helps my students hear me. I did a lot of research before I bought, so here are some things to consider when choosing a voice amplifier.

  1. Wired or Wireless? The wired ones are cheaper, with a smaller headset. However, it means you have to wear the speaker on your person – a strap over your shoulder or on a belt of some kind. I prefer the wireless ones, however I have to remember not to leave them in the gym or library if I’m changing rooms!
  2. Battery life – the main difference in price basically comes down to how long the battery in the voice amplifier lasts. If you don’t mind recharging it at lunch, you may only need one with 3 hours. However, some of them take longer than an hour to recharge. Therefore, I prefer the ones with around 6 hours battery life (in both the speaker and the headset for wireless voice amplifiers) so that it lasts me all day.
  3. Check online reviews. Not all voice amplifiers have clear sound. Check to see what people are saying about the one you are thinking of buying.

Here are my choices for a wired and a wireless voice amplifier. Both my students and I really like the one I use and the students will tell me to turn the volume up or down! Many of the better voice amplifiers are out of stock right now, however similar ones are still available.

The one I ended up buying was a wireless Shidu Voice Amplifier. I bought a more expensive one with longer batter life, however Shidu has many cheaper voice amplifiers that also have excellent reviews.

The most commonly recommended wired voice amplifier is a WinBridge voice amplifier.


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