Thriving as an Occasional Teacher – not just Surviving!

It is possible to thrive as a Substitute Teacher – to love the job, to have the students love you! I’m tired of all the talk of just surviving as a substitute teacher – as though making it through the day is the best we can expect! I LOVE substitute teaching! The students love it when I come! That’s my goal – to do a job I love very well and to have other substitute teachers experience the same thing – that’s why I wrote the book, “Substitute Teaching”. Yes, it’s a very difficult job. Yes, it takes a while to find your footing. And yes, we can thrive as substitute teachers! I take pride in the fact that the students in challenging classes ask for me when their teacher is away and their teacher and principal also call me when they need a substitute. I truly believe that any teacher can learn to love substitute teaching and can thrive in the job!

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