The New Normal for Online Teachers

I think I’m finally getting a handle on the new normal. At least the new normal for this week. I mean, the rules changed. Ok – the whole game changed. So, here’s what I have a handle on so far for teaching online.

  1. I have to give the students less work because it takes time for them to find it, do it and hand it in online. Even though it’s in the same place every day. EVERY DAY!
  2. I need to give the students easier work because they were pretty much not in school full time for about 6 months. They forgot some things, they missed some things and some things are just difficult anyways (let’s agree on long division and short division and really, any division).
  3. I need to start each unit reviewing what they learned at least two years ago and build up to this years’ learning – all in the same amount of time or less than other years.
  4. I have to accept that students may not come to school each day or each period, or they may come and be watching YouTube videos the whole time, or they may come and listen but still not do any work and there is very little I can do about these things, if anything. Even though my lessons are fun and engaging (and from TPT).
  5. I have to remember that marking will take more time because each page has to load – thankfully, I’m giving the students less work!
  6. I have to remember that planning will take more time because I have to find free resources that will work for online classes. (Sometimes it’s worth it to pay, just to save the time – at least I can claim it on my taxes this year!)
  7. I have to remember to stop working and relax and go to bed! Life will not stop if I do not have a math game that matches my lesson!!
  8. I need to remember that I am, in fact, a good teacher, even when my students don’t come to class, I can’t find the lesson I prepared and the work I posted is for the wrong day. I’m a good teacher.


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