The Importance of Resting over March Break

There is a reason we have March Break – to rest. Whether we are travelling or staying home over March Break, it is important to plan and schedule rest and things that rejuvenate us. Here are some ideas.

  1. Sleep. I know this sounds like common sense, however I get watching a murder mystery movie and then I’m up until 2 am! It’s important to make sure I get consistent and adequate sleep. This is when my body makes the repairs needed. I can watch the movie tomorrow – it is March Break, after all.
  2. Rest. Again, common sense, however on vacation I may want to go and see everything and do all the activities. Maybe I can do an activity every morning and then just lay on the beach or in the hot tub every afternoon, reading a book or listening to a podcast. At home, I’m likely to clean or organize. Again, I need to schedule in rest time.
  3. Reconnect. It’s time to reconnect with friends and family. Make a phone call, agree to meet for coffee. It’s important to be around people who give us energy (and maybe take a break from those who take our energy – it’s just one week … I’m not talking about your baby!)
  4. Rejuvenate. What gives you energy? Is it dancing? Building model airplanes? Laughing with friends at a comedy show? Schedule in things that give you energy, make life fun! Schedule in fun – it’s important.
  5. Take a break from school. I know, there is still have marking and planning to do. There is always so much to do. There is a reason for March Break; it is to take a break. Give yourself permission to take a break. You need it. All of us do.


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