Teacher Self-Care for the First Week Back to School

Ok, so it’s not rocket science, and you’ve heard it all before AND, it’s good to be reminded. The first week back can be difficult – back into routines, reminding students of expectations, not fitting into my jeans… So, here are some things to make sure we take care of ourselves the first week back in January.

  1. Go to bed on time. This is so difficult and so important. Getting enough sleep helps reduce our stress and replenish our energy. Set a timer if needed – don’t hit snooze!
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables. I would say avoid the sugar and fat but we all know that everyone is bringing their left overs and leaving them in the staff room. So, avoid the staff room or just concentrate on eating more fruits and vegetables and pray my jeans will fit again by the end of January!
  3. Plan in some time to rest. The first week back is so, so busy! Things get crazy fast. Put some time to rest into your calendar and protect that time!
  4. Plan something fun. We’ve just had 2 weeks of fun, I know! Still, having something to look forward to is helpful and having fun also reduces stress.
  5. Be kind to yourself. Remember to treat yourself as kindly as we treat our friends. Yes, there’s lots to do and yes, we may be a bit behind and yes, we will get it done. If a friend told me they are behind at work, I would encourage them, not call them lazy! (One hopes).


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