Should I Take a Sick Leave?

When teaching negatively affects your physical, mental or emotional health, it may be time to take a sick leave. Here are some signs that it is time to talk to your doctor.

  1. Your sleep has been affected. You have not had a good nights sleep in quite a while.
  2. Your appetite has been affected. You are eating way more or way less than normal due to the stress.
  3. You have negative, recurring thoughts that you cannot stop.
  4. Your friends and family are telling you to take a leave.
  5. You no longer enjoy things that used to bring you joy, happiness or pleasure.
  6. You have been physically sick and just can’t get well.
  7. You are considering quitting your job or leaving teaching.
  8. You find it difficult to control your anger in class and find yourself yelling all the time – especially if you have thoughts of hurting the kids. (This is not a shameful thing – this is a sign you are at your limit).
  9. You cry about school and sometimes can’t stop.
  10. You think a lot about how to “get back” at the people in school who have hurt you.

These are not things to be ashamed of – people often feel ashamed about how they think or feel and so don’t tell anyone. These are signs you need to talk with your doctor. Even if you are not sure, your doctor will let you know if it’s time to take a leave or not.


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