Substitute Teacher? Occasional Teacher? Guest Teacher? Teacher?

What do we as Substitute Teachers want to be called? Occasional Teacher? Guest Teacher? Teacher? The trouble is that Substitute Teacher comes with a negative connotation in society and less respect. Yes, we can change how society sees Substitute Teachers. And perhaps, as we change this, we want a different name. Or, perhaps we don’t.

In Canada, Substitute Teachers have the same schooling and qualifications as classroom teachers. This is not always the case in other countries. This makes a difference.

People feel the need to differentiate between classroom teachers and substitute teachers so the students will know that the classroom teacher will be back the next day and this is not your new teacher. It is also true that substitute teachers do not plan, mark or do report cards. I am ok with acknowledging these differences, however I do know that some substitute teachers are not.

Personally, I really like the term guest teacher. I feel it is respectful, indicates that I have the same qualifications as the classroom teacher and that I deserve the same respect – even more so as you treat a guest even better. I think it also acknowledges that I am not permanent in that school in a polite way. What do you think? What do you want to be called?


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