Substitute Teacher Honoured in Valedictory Address

This past week I went to my nephew’s grade 12 graduation. In his valedictory speech, the valedictorian spoke about everyone’s favourite substitute teacher as one of the graduating class’s favourite memories of high school. The whole graduating class cheered for this substitute teacher. These are the stories we need to be telling!

The culture around substitute teaching has changed. Substitute teachers are often honoured as is witnessed by graduating classes cheering, substitutes receiving homemade pictures and gift cards at holidays and the inability of classroom teachers to secure a good substitute even up to a month in advance of being away for an appointment. It is time for the perceived culture to catch up with the actual culture.

Let’s tell our stories! I have started with this story of the graduating class cheering for their favourite substitute teacher. Please leave your stories below in the comments. Please write your stories on social media! Tell your friends and family. Let’s get the word out. A career as a substitute teacher is an honoured profession.


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