Students Will Do Work If You…

When students are just not settling down to do their work, just before you go crazy, here are a few ideas to try out…

1.Have a race (this really only works with primary grades).

2. Offer incentives (e.g. free time, games, your lunch – whatever).

3.Ask them to do just the first question (then just the second…).

4. Do the first question together on the board and have them copy it.

5. Tell them if they do the first question, you’ll do the second question on the board.

6. Offer help. Be persuasive.

7. Offer to let them work in (non class disturbing) pairs.

8. Offer to put on quiet music (of your choice) if everyone is working.

9. Offer to write a great note home to parents in their agenda.

10. Give up – let them know as long as they are quiet, they can finish work at home and can doodle or read now.



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