How to Stay Cool When Your Classroom is as Hot as the Sahara!

It has been over 40 degrees C in classrooms in September this year! I literally dripped sweat all over the self-introduction pages I had my students do! I’m on the 2nd floor and face south in an old school – so old that when it was built, the Dead Sea was just getting sick! So hear are some tricks to keep cool!

  1. You will feel cool if your feet are cool – use gel ice pack insoles!
  2. You will feel cool if your neck is cool – use magic bags that you put in the freezer and wear it around your neck. I mean, who cares how you look? It’s over 40 degrees!
  3. Put a tray of ice cubes in front of the fan in your room (I know you have one, you bought one yourself if the classroom didn’t have one!)
  4. An oldie but a goodie – get to school early and open the windows and turn on the fan. Then, when it gets hotter outside, close the windows and blinds and turn off the lights. Keep the fans going.
  5. Change location – go outside to sit under the trees in the breeze, arrange with the librarian to use the library or the computer room for an extra period. They are usually sympathetic – especially if you offer coffee and a donut!

It is actually a health concern when it is this hot in the classrooms. Be sure you and the students are drinking lots of water and if you feel sick or if a student feels sick, take action right away – chances are the feeling won’t pass until you cool down.


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