Social Media Tips for Teachers

Social media is a great way to share ideas and learn from other teachers whether you are a new teacher, a substitute teacher, an experienced teacher, a retired teacher or any-other-wonderful-kind-of-teacher!


  1. Post success stories from the classroom.
  2. Post less than successful stories from the classroom – others can learn from our mistakes a.k.a. learning opportunities.
  3. Post student work.
  4. Join a teacher group on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. – they are great professional learning communities.
  5. Post funny stories from the classroom (Yes, my name does rhyme with “mule” – “Yuill”.)


  1. Post pictures of students (or other adults).
  2. Post during school hours – we’re supposed to be teaching then…
  3. Complain – this is better done with a trusted friend/family member.
  4. Accept friend requests from current students or former students who are under 18. I tell them when they graduate high school and are 18, I will accept them as friends (I do have former students as friends).
  5. Forget who are your friends or who may be following you e.g. your current principal/boss!


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