Side Gigs for Substitute Teachers

You want to be a teacher and yet you do not make enough money as a substitute teacher to cover your expenses. You can’t get another 9-5 job because you need to be available to substitute teach. What can you do?

  1. Tutor – many teachers tutor privately or with a company. The hours can be set by you.
  2. Sell your lesson plans on . You already made them up, why not get some money from them?
  3. If you have a masters degree, you can teach evening classes at community colleges and/or universities.
  4. If you have a skill, you can teach evening/weekend classes privately, with a company or with a city e.g. cooking classes, salsa dancing classes etc.
  5. Write – you can write children’s books, books for teachers, magazine articles, travel articles – there are many ways to make extra cash as a writer.

These ideas are just to get you going. There are countless ways to earn extra cash that don’t include a 9-5 job. Once you get thinking and researching, you can come up with many jobs or gigs that you could enjoy while earning enough to help you get by.


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