Should I Spend Money on Professional Resources?

If it’s “Substitute Teaching?” by Amanda Yuill, definitely, YES – she writes, shamelessly!

If it’s a resource you will refer to or be able to use over and over again, yes.

If you have a big house, with lots of storage, then sure, why not? Come to think of it how do you have a big house with lots of storage as a Substitute Teacher? Did you already make your fortune and now you’re doing something that makes a difference?

When I was younger, I bought lots of resources but I found I didn’t use most of them before they became obsolete. Most of what I need is found in any school or in the library.

If it’s a resource for a classroom, then I usually say no. As a Substitute Teacher I may never teach that grade again and I don’t have a huge house with lots of storage. I’m planning to make my millions later…please buy my book! Although I do have a few favourite children’s books that I use in lessons over and over again.

The problem is, if we keep buying things for the classroom, we pay the consequences for a broken system instead of allowing people to see how it’s broken and moving towards getting it fixed.



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