Should I Accept this Teaching Job Offer?

Yes, yes you should. People often call me to ask if they should accept job offers. Sometimes it’s an offer to cover a maternity leave. Sometimes it’s a permanent job offer. Sometimes a teacher has been surplused and are looking for another school before simply being placed. I almost always say yes and here’s why.

1. You applied to the job for a reason. You wanted it or needed it.

2. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. People often have applied to multiple jobs and want another job more than this one. However you haven’t been offered the other job yet, so take this one!

3. You can always say yes to another job later. Most principals understand if you take another job because it is permanent and theirs is temporary or if it is 1 hour closer to your house.

4. If it is horrible, you only have to do it for one year. If you’ve heard bad things about the school or it’s really far from your house, usually you can make it work for one school year – 10 months.

5. Saying no burns bridges. If you say no and you don’t have another offer, you have wasted that principal’s time (and yours). Only apply to jobs you really want or need – that will solve this problem.

People who are desperate don’t call me – they take the job. People who have a better option don’t call me – they take that job. Only people who don’t have a better option but aren’t desperate call me. If you are not desperate, then it’s a matter of figuring out what you really want. And I can’t tell you that.



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