Running a School Club

You can run any kind of club you want at school! Do you like chess, knitting, dancing or even watching movies? You can run that club. You can run it over the 2nd half of lunch, once a week for one term or semester. It is so easy and so fun to run a club, I think almost everyone can do it!

There are so many benefits to running a club. You get to know some of the students much better, and some students who you may not have known before. It can be really a lot of fun as it builds community. Principals appreciate it when teachers run clubs and this comes out in various ways. It is also fun to run clubs with other teachers.

If you are a substitute teacher and you go to a certain school often, see if you can join in on one or more of the clubs sometimes. The teachers welcome any help! This is another way to get to know schools better. Principals are looking for people who will contribute to the whole school community and not simply teach a class.

In summary, run a school club! Manga club, soccer club, art club etc.


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