Read for Free: Teacher Libraries

Did you know that there are many (free) libraries teachers can use for books and resources? There are online and in person resources.

OCT Library – Goto the members’ site and sign in OCT Member’s Sign In . Go to Members, My account, Library. There are many, many professional and classroom books that can be sent to your school or available online. Databases, articles and much more also available. My books are there too! 

ETFO Resources (cool new name for “library”) – Go to the members’ site and sign in Member Sign In. Then, go to the classroom resources section. There are many resources including curriculum, posters, videos, professional resources. Also, you can contact your local union and they may have books to borrow, and even more – they may have books to give away! 

TDSB Library/ your Board library – Go to the TDSB Virtual Library website . You will have to sign in as a member in order to use it. There are many books, videos and various websites available. The TDSB library has subscriptions to many math, reading and programming programs. If you are not part of the Toronto Board, contact your board to find out about their library.

Public Library – Go to Toronto Public Library website or, if you live in another area, contact your local library to find out about their resources. You can download the Libby app in order to read books online. Public libraries have books and various resources that can be used by teachers and students. I often have audio books and ebooks from the public library on my phone that I read in the car (audiobooks) or in line at Walmart (ebooks).

Have fun borrowing books and resources for free this school year!


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