Preparing for a Lockdown without Classroom Keys

Every school is supposed to give you keys to whatever classroom you are in for the day. The reason is a very important one. So that you can keep the students safe in case of a lockdown. However, sometimes there simply isn’t an extra key. So what do you do?

In this case, let the teacher in the classroom next door know that in case of a lockdown, you will be bringing the class you am looking after to their classroom.  Also let the students know that if there is a lockdown, you will be going next door.

Some schools are built in an open concept and there are no doors or classrooms. In that case, find out where the closest room with a door is and let that teacher know you will be using their classroom in case of a lock down.

One final thought – in the city, the cause of a lockdown is often a person in the area with a weapon. In the country, the cause of a lockdown is often a bear in the area.


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