The Personal Touch (Not the Cooties)

The students want to know about you. Share – but don’t overshare – cooties included. It makes you more likeable if you tell some stories about yourself. It also makes lessons more fun. Teaching about Ancient Civilizations – have you been to Pompeii or Athens or Rome? Teaching about magnets – have you been to the magnetic hill? Teaching about simple machines – have you ever used a spoon to launch food at a friend – on second thought, maybe don’t share that one!


  1. Cary

    [I loved your most recent post. I read your blog fairly often. I shared your last post with my followers on Facebook. I am a huge fan. Keep up the good work.| This is great stuff. I wonder how you always come up with such good material. Kudos. Kepp making a difference. MH| You are very talented. I wish I could write like you do. You are an inspiration to us all. Please kep doing what you do. :)]

    • Amanda Yuill

      Thank you, Cary!


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