Outdoor Winter Activities

When students are stir crazy because they’ve eaten too much sugar over the holidays and can’t sit still for 1.5 seconds, it may be time to put on boots and coats and head outside for an exercise break. Here are some fun activities that can also use up lots of energy.

1. Shape Walk – with primary students, walk around the neighbourhood or the schoolyard and find 2D shapes and 3D figures.

2. Snow numbers/letters – writing letters/numbers in the snow with sticks.

3. Snow tableau – challenge older students to make a scene in the snow from a book they are reading. Remind them snow stays on the ground ad nauseum.

4. Snow soccer.

5. Collect snow in containers – perhaps in containers from their lunch – and bring it inside to see what’s in it once it’s melted. (Great for students who are caught eating the snow).


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