Online Professional Development Workshops Available for Teachers

Are you looking for online workshops for teachers that includes professional development for teaching virtually? These workshops address both in class and virtual classrooms.

Substitute Teaching?/ Classroom Management

In this session, substitute teachers are taught how to take the first ten minutes to quickly build a rapport with the students, making them much more likely to do their work when asked and making the day more fun. Three hour sessions will also include a variety of tools to deal with more difficult situations. All day sessions, will go into more detail such as hints on how to get hired permanently.

Reaching and Teaching Them All

This workshop covers how teachers can connect with students who have various behavioural issues, disabilities, backgrounds and learning abilities, especially when the teacher has no special education training. Practical strategies for connecting to students using calming techniques, curriculum, humour, body language and more will be shared with participants.

Managing Violent Situations

How do you keep yourself and your students safe during violent incidents in the classroom? What are the appropriate procedures? What does research say about violent situations in schools? These questions and more will be answered, with practical steps and guidelines to follow, including a hand-out on de-escalation techniques.


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