Online Drama Classes

Here are a few ideas for doing drama online!

  1. Puppet shows. The students can use socks and then film themselves talking about mental health, Greek heritage month, the difference between a parallelogram and a square or whatever else fits into your curriculum. I had students talk about why they would say no to alcohol or drugs. It was hilarious – drunk sock puppets!
  2. Reader’s Theatre. The student is all of the parts. They have to use different voices (and perhaps props) for each part. (Read the rest in an Irish accent.) They film themselves or present it live. There are a few free reader’s theatre online.
  3. Spoken word. This goes really well with your poetry unit – it may even make your poetry unit “cool” for the first time!! Have students watch Amanda Gorman at Biden’s inauguration or these two children performing at TedX
  4. Costumes and props. Have students tell a well known fairy tale or nursery rhyme using costumes and props they can find around the house. Nothing is funnier than a fairy godmother with dad’s long underwear over a hanger for wings and wooden spoon as a wand.
  5. Drama games. One of the funniest is where one person tries to make the others laugh. The last person who is not smiling wins. This game is fun online because students can use various backgrounds and filters. Cue moustaches on my grade 5 class as they pretend to be their parents!


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