The Old/ New Sex Eduction Curriculum – It’s Not Either Or!

Parents pull their children out of health class when Sex Education is taught because they do not agree with the new sex education curriculum. This means that no matter what is being taught, the students are not getting the information – information that they desperately need and information they may not get any other way. This is not an isolated incident – this happened a lot.

Students in grade 7 and 8 are having sex in many schools. The old Sex Ed. curriculum simply does not prepare students for this. Some sexual health issues need to be taught much sooner than the grade in which the old curriculum teaches them.

If we truly have the students best interest at heart, it is not time to be taking sides between the new and old Sex Ed. curriculum! It is time to write a curriculum that addresses the issues that students are facing today in a timely manner while addressing parents’ concerns. If we lose the parents, we lose the students. Instead of taking sides, let’s work together to make sure the students get as much information as possible that they need for their sexual health!



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