Ok, So This September is Crazier Than Normal

In class? There’s masks, face shields, hand washing, hand sanitizing, and sending everyone home who coughs – even once.

Online? There’s figuring out how the platform works, figuring out online resources and spo-ty inte-net co-necti-ns.

What do we do?

  1. Rely on other teachers. They have resources. They understand what you’re going through. (And the administration is too busy to answer the emails!)
  2. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your students. Nobody expects (or should expect) things to be perfect right now. If you show up, that’s pretty good.
  3. Give yourself and your students time. It will take time to get used to things and to figure out how they work. That’s ok. And it will be ok tomorrow and next week too.
  4. Have more fun than normal. Be sure to schedule in more fun things for students and yourself than normal. We need to laugh more right now. Did you hear about the tight rope walker? He was online.
  5. Take a break. Be sure to take time off in the evenings and on the weekends for yourself. The work will still be there tomorrow. And if you aren’t ready for class, read a book. Everyone likes that. And, it’s educational.


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