Oh No! Not Sex Ed!

I love teaching Sex Ed – but I realize not all teachers share my enthusiasm! So here are some tips to help you out!

  1. Remember – there are still some kids out there who don’t know that sex can lead to pregnancy and s.t.i’s. Some still think that kissing under the covers is what leads to babies as that’s what they show on tv!
  2. Some students go through puberty without any idea of what’s going on – you may be the only one to prepare them or to explain what’s happening. Some poor kids think they are dying!!
  3. Set ground rules – giggling is ok, laughing at someone is not ok. Asking questions is ok, asking personal questions is not ok e.g. Ms. Yuill, do you do that?!?
  4. It’s ok to not answer some of their questions or to leave something one class and address is the next class when you are more prepared and can overcome your shock!
  5. Take heart – the students will definitely be more embarrassed than you! It gets easier as you go on. You may end up loving it like I do.

Try having some fun! I threaten to give more sex ed. lessons if they are too talkative – they quiet down right away!


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