Not Sure What You’re Teaching Next Year?

Sometimes we end the school year and we are unsure what we will be teaching the following year. This can happen for many reasons and will most likely happen a few times in your career. Here are some tips to help with the ambiguity.

  1. Take everything home with you that is yours. Schools are cleaned over the summer and everything is moved around. It may be difficult to find your things the following school year if you are in a different classroom or school.
  2. Pack everything else in boxes with the grade and room number, in case you do go back to the same grade and classroom and they are moved, you can find the resources easily.
  3. Leave the room set up as you want it, in case you are back in the same room.
  4. Do not do any preparation for a class you “may have”. Wait until you know for sure so you don’t waste time – especially over the summer.
  5. Use relaxation techniques to help de-stress so you can enjoy your summer while you are waiting to find out what you will teach. Be sure to enjoy yourself!
  6. If you find out the day before school starts what you are teaching, then plan the first day and take the first couple of weeks to plan the rest of the month. Take the first month to plan the year. Anyone who is reasonable will expect this to be the case.

Although it can be stressful not knowing what you will teach next year, it can also be freeing because you can’t plan anything anyway, so you can simply enjoy your summer!


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