No Jobs for Substitutes the End of June

Often there’s no work for substitute teachers the last week of school. Ditto for the first month of school, and the week after winter and spring holidays. No work = no money = panic!! WHAT WILL I DO? So perhaps your second job as a busker playing guitar in the subway didn’t make up for the lack of work – here are some ideas to help out.
1. Just knowing that there are times when traditionally there isn’t a lot of work is helpful. Then, you can plan.
2. Plan – save money over the year for those times. Or, find a second job that can help you fill in the gaps.
3. Employment Insurance. In Ontario, substitute teachers are eligible for employment insurance over the summer, Winter Break and Spring break. Also, you can start applying for employment insurance from the first day you didn’t work until the last day you didn’t work – so if you didn’t work the last week of school, and you didn’t work the first month of school, you can receive employment insurance to cover those periods.
4. Plan something fun – a day in your pjs eating chocolate and watching Magic Mike – or whatever your idea of fun is!

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