Music Lessons For Substitutes

Teach Music?  I don’t sing, but I do need the money … Would be funny if it weren’t so true!  There are lots of lessons you can do in Music without singing that students will enjoy.

1. Respond to Music – play music for one minute – any (school appropriate) song.  Have students respond to the music for one minute in any way they choose – for example, a facial expression or a movement or draw a picture.  Play the same song again for one minute and have students respond a different way.  See how many ways students can think of to respond to the music.

2. Cue Words – listen to a short song and have students pick out words that repeat over and over in the song.  Pick 4-5 words and assign (again, school appropriate) actions to them e.g. stand on one foot or jump or wave their hand.  Play the song again and students have to do the action for each word every time they hear them.

3. Rhythm memory – if you have absolutely no music, you can play a rhythm game.  I call everything I do a game so they will want to do it!  Clap a short rhythm and have the students clap it back.  Clap the same rhythm and add a bit more to the end and have students clap it back.  Continue making the rhythm longer and longer and see how long you can make the rhythm and still have the students repeat it back.  Students can break into partners or small groups and play this game themselves.



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