Managing Anxiety About the First Day of School

Can’t sleep the day before school starts? Can’t stop thinking about things you need to do? Imagining all of your kindergarten students crying or all of your grade 8 students not listening at all? You’re not alone! Although we many know some of these strategies to give us peace and reduce anxiety, it’s good to go over them the weekend before school starts.

  1. Focus on love, not fear. When we focus on how we love teaching, love our students, love our subjects, it leads to feelings of peace and even anticipation. When we focus on our fear that something will go wrong, it leads to anxiety.
  2. Prepare. If all of your kindergarten students do cry or all of your grade 8 students do ignore you, what will you do? Having a plan in place can help reduce anxiety.
  3. Be self-confident. Self-confidence is one of those things you can fake it until you make it. Practice being self-confident. Decide to treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. You would tell your best friend that she is a great teacher, and you would mean it! Tell yourself that you are a great teacher, and mean it! You are a great teacher!
  4. Decide to only practice positive self-talk. When you realize you are focusing on negative things or thinking negatively, say something positive to yourself – even have a script. For example, “I am a great teacher. This year will be a great year. The first day is going to be so much fun!”
  5. Talk with your friends and family. It’s good to talk with loved ones about how we feel as they will be so encouraging! Many women and some men tend to be oral processors, so talking it out will most likely help you to feel better and also help you to make some plans.

Have an amazing first day of school! Also, have an amazing day and night before the first day of school! We want to feel positive anticipation about the first day of school and to enjoy ourselves.


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