Making Extra Cash Over the Summer

Saving for a wedding, a house, a Luly Yang butterfly dress (ok, maybe that’s only me)? There’s lots of good reasons to make some extra cash over the summer. Here are some common ways to do it  and the positives and negatives of each one.

1. Teach Summer School – it’s only half a day and the students mostly want to be there. You never know how hot it is going to be in the classroom and sometimes your chocolate covered almonds are going to turn into almond bark.

2. Mark EQAO – there’s no students. There’s no students!!!! It’s boring. So, so boring. It’s also out by Pearson Airport in Toronto – which may be an advantage for you but you would be in the minority there.

3. Tutor with a company or on your own – You can take as many or as few hours as you want. It’s often with only a few students at a time who are mostly motivated. It’s not as much money for the time as the other two, usually.

4. Forget the extra cash and just relax! That’s what most teachers do after 5-10 years of teaching. The extra cash just isn’t worth being tired in September – but you do have youth on your side and extra energy!! I know you do because experienced teachers wouldn’t even click on the link.


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