I Will Still Take a Break in March

Even though March Break is delayed, I will still take a much needed break, and so will my students.

  1. I will not give any homework that week.
  2. I will not do any marking that week.
  3. I teach online, so I will let the students go to do their “independent work” every time it is scheduled.
  4. We will only do fun activities and games.
  5. We will watch educational movies.
  6. I will work from 8:50 am – 3:30 pm and that’s it.
  7. We will tell jokes and riddles.
  8. I will ask the students what they want to do (many have been asking to learn cursive).
  9. We will go on virtual field trips.
  10. I will think and speak positively.
  11. I will eat chocolate.


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