How to Talk to a Bully

Enlist their help. I don’t mean get their help bullying other teachers or your administration! I mean, ask them to help in the situation at hand. Most students have heard the talk about bullying that says there are 3 groups in a bullying situation; the bully, the victim and the bystanders. The bystanders are people who can help change the situation by standing up for the victim, taking the victim to another location or getting help. Ask the bully to become a bystander. Let them know that you have heard that there is someone who needs help in the school. Ask them to stand up for the victim if they see them being bullied or to help the victim to go to another location. This can help change the bully’s focus from their bullying behaviour to helpful behaviour. Do not let the bully know that you know they are the one who is bullying the victim. Simply ask them to help in the situation. Of course, this may not always work, but it is one strategy to try.


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