How To Make Money over the Summer

Ok, so as Substitute Teachers we aren’t paid over the summer (spoiler alert!). I’ve blogged before about saving a bit each month for the summer but in case you needed that money for frivolous things such as rent, here are some ideas for the summer.

1. Teach summer school. It often only goes for one month or is only in the mornings and is usually more relaxed than the school year.

2. Tutor. In case there are no jobs teaching summer school because the greedy permanent teachers just wanted more money ūüėČ – there are many opportunities to tutor at companies such as Kumon or you can always tutor privately.

3. Teach overseas. This is a fun one – and there are many, many ways to do this. Be sure you pick a reputable company and do due research to avoid unpleasant circumstances (e.g. cockroaches in staff quarters etc).

4. Volunteer overseas. ¬†Ok, so this doesn’t make you any money and in fact, you may have to pay but I wanted to put it in here because it really is such a great opportunity! One of my favourites to work with is Habitat For Humanity @Habitat_org! (See pic of me doing pretty poor brickwork in the Philippines below).

5. Just relax. Ok, so this also doesn’t make money however, sometimes it really is worth the money to take a much needed break – especially if you’ve had a difficult year – you know – where you thought you were saying yes to covering a grade 3 class for a maternity leave but it turned out to be a kindergarten class in an area where the students didn’t speak English and you learned more Spanish¬†(or Tamil¬†or Chinese) than they did English? Hola!

Me doing Habitat for Humanity


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