How to Get Jobs in September

There is little to no work for Substitute Teachers in September. So, how do you get money for the little extras like rent and food when dropping off new and improved business cards to more schools just isn’t cutting it?

1. The most obvious option is; stay on Employment Insurance. Until you are working around 3 days a week it is still worth it to continue with EI. I mean, you paid into it, why not benefit from it?

2. If EI isn’t enough to cover your basic needs, there are many jobs you can find that need people just for the month of September, for example, University Bookstores, Pool companies as they close pools, Community Centres and Sports Organizations as they register children for lessons for the year, Landscapers as they spray for slugs (not as gross as it sounds) and do fall clean up. At the very least, you can sign up with a temp agency.

3. There are many tutoring companies like Kumon where teachers can find after hour jobs. The advantage of this is that you are available to work as a substitute every day. The disadvantage is that you will have this job for the term – even when there are substitute jobs every day, which makes for a busy life and some days, whiny children overload.


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