How to Get an Interview for a Permanent or Long Term Teaching Job

You would like to teach in a permanent or long term occasional position (covering a leave) but are unsure how to get an interview? Principals often know in advance who they are going to hire for these positions. Therefore, it is important to get to know the principals in the schools where you often substitute teach. Here are some tips. 

  1. Try to do your substitute teaching in the same few schools. Get to know the teachers and office admin so they ask you back.
  2. Get to know the principals by saying hello, inviting them to your class for a special activity, asking about school activities or their hobbies.
  3. Ask the teachers and principal if there is anything you could do to improve your teaching. Take their advice. This is key – this is what most substitute teachers do not do. If you do this, you will stand out.
  4. Once you have a relationship with the school, let it be known that you are looking for a long term or permanent job. Ask the office admin if there are any jobs coming up.
  5. Use your contacts. There may not be any jobs coming up in one school, but the principal may know of a job in another school and recommend you. Ask teachers, office admin and principals to let you know if they know of a job to which you could apply and for which they would recommend you.
  6. Apply to any job you want. You never know when something may open up. Also, it is great to practice your interview skills even if you don’t get the job. After an interview, ask what you could have done better and they will often let you know.


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