How to Get a Foot in the Door with the Board of Education

You’re on the substitute list for your board but can’t get any substitute jobs? Or at least, not enough to pay for luxuries like rent and a bus pass? Here are some ideas to get a foot in the door.
1. Become a substitute lunchroom supervisor – the lunchroom supervisors also get sick and need substitutes. This way, the office staff get to know you and if there is an afternoon job, may just ask you to stay – or to come in the next day.
2. Become a substitute Educational Assistant – Educational Assistants also get sick and need substitutes. This way, you can get to know the office staff and some of the teachers because you work with them in the classroom. They may also ask you to take a day for them once they know you.
3. Volunteer (in a pregnant woman’s classroom) – ok, so this one is slightly politically incorrect and a bit vulture-esque – even if the teacher will really appreciate the help and when she has to go to doctor’s appointments, she may ask you to take that day for her. Really, however – volunteering although no secret, is really a good way into a school – pregnant teacher or not.


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