How Substitute Teachers Can Get “Regular” Schools

By “Regular” I mean go to the same school often. As a Substitute Teacher, it is easier to go to the same 2-3 schools over and over as opposed to going to a different school every day. So, how do you get a regular school?

It is a bit of hit and miss at the beginning. Usually, as a Substitute Teacher, you go to any school that calls at first. It can be a bit of chance which schools you fall into more often. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a regular at a certain school.

  1. Take multiple day jobs, even if it is only half days. This is one of the best ways to get to know a staff.
  2. Be sure to talk with other teachers over lunch and at breaks – when teachers get to know you, they start asking for you.
  3. Be an excellent teacher – get a mentor to help you improve. Take workshops, go to conferences, talk with other teachers. Everyone wants a Substitute Teacher who the kids love and who does the work with them.
  4. Volunteer at the schools you like – be the assistant coach for a team that practices before/after school. If you aren’t working one day, go in and volunteer to read with students. It’s all about being known by the staff.
  5. Be willing to do less desired jobs – teaching music or physical education or French. It is often difficult to get substitute teachers to take these jobs and the school will be grateful if you are willing to do them.

Once you have regular schools, you can get to know the students and the school community and become a part of it.


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