How Does School Reorganization Affect Me?

“What do you mean I have to change classes? It’s October!” Every year this is said by teachers and students alike. This year, much more so. Every June, schools have an estimate of how many students they will have every September. And every September, some school’s estimates are off and a reorganization is needed. (It turns out the Board doesn’t know everything!) This year, students are allowed to change from in class to online classes and vice versa. So, if there are a lot more students online or in class, new classes have to be created and if there are a lot less students, classes have to be folded together.

For students, this means that they may have to change teachers or classrooms and they may have students added to or taken away from their class. Principals and teachers who are involved in moving students around do their best to make sure every student is put in the best situation for them, while following the laws concerning the number of students allowed in each class.

For teachers this means that they may have to change the classroom, grades or subjects that they teach. It may mean losing some students or gaining some students. It may involve rejoicing or being disgruntled (read, angry).

Students, teachers and parents can make requests of the principal such as requesting a certain teacher for their child or requesting that 2 particular students are not placed in the same class. However, the principal has the final say on where students and teachers are placed. It is ok to make polite requests but angry conversations will not help your case. If there is a serious problem, your union representative can help you. Reorganization is a part of school life every year – and more so this year, and it is best to accept that fact.


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