How do I feel about School Being Done?

I want to be happy that school is done, however it has been such a weird year that I’m not sure how to feel. I am happy school is done and that it is the summer. I’m ready for the break, for sure. However, with the strike and then the virus, I don’t really feel like I was done with teaching my students yet. It felt like such a weird good-bye online. Like it wasn’t a real school year and it wasn’t a real good-bye.

Usually, I have lots of plans for the summer and lots to look forward to. However, this summer I’m not really planning on going anywhere – and for sure I won’t be leaving Ontario. This is one more thing I’m going to have to grieve – the loss of an event-filled summer.

So – I am glad it’s summer. I will take a break. I will enjoy the weather. I will see my family. I will celebrate my niece’s graduation and my birthday. I will grieve the losses. I will focus on rest. I will plan fun things and do things I like. I will celebrate – even if it’s like this cute dog, who doesn’t really know how to jump – he is jumping. I am happy it’s summer.


  1. Danica Dixon

    I know, eh? We usually get to see our friends and family from far away, but we will have to see! Have a great summer!

    • Amanda Yuill

      Thank you, Danica – you too!


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